Bürger Initiative Gesundheit e.V

Endorse Company

The B CITIZENS I nitiative G ealth eV takes holistic influence on the structures of health care.

This influence takes place as a non-recognized organization with volunteer experts to all relevant health and social issues.
We have since 1989 successfully active.

Together with the premium members in Zukunftsrat sovereignty in health care and our expert partners we develop holistic shaping proposals and solutions for a sustainable health system.

These competent alliance of knowledge, experience and will to change is not influenced by particular interests, but of the necessity of holistic concepts sustainable influence to take on the current and future developments in the health system.

Funding our activities via non-earmarked funding with membership fees and donations. We act demonstrablyindependent and self-sufficient .

We mix and indeed in politics, in the bodies of self-government, employers, insurance companies and by a wide publicity for all citizens.

Citizens need to be informed about the necessary structural changes, because only then can an independent judgment and action can be realized