Bulb Direct Inc

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Bulb Direct has been selling replacement bulbs and light bulbs through our catalog distribution since 1988 and on the internet since 1996. We are extremely proud of our Bulb Direct guarantee and want to be your trusted source for all of your light bulb needs. Everyone at Bulb Direct works hard to give you the very best personal service and supply you with the superior bulbs you need. We carry several brands of quality bulbs--ones that we know will bear their name productively. Our supply of specialty light bulbs is diverse and extensive. Whether you're looking for audio/visual, medical, stage/studio, scientific lamps, miniature, graphic arts bulbs, or anything in between, your search is likely to be fulfilled with us.Bulb Direct also has a substantial supply of LED and fluorescent bulbs--when you finally need them. Once considered specialty bulbs, these have become the "norm". Fluorescent and LED light bulbs both save abundant amounts of energy, not to mention putting money back into your pocket. At Bulb Direct our commitment will always be to provide our customers with the highest level of personalized customer care and satisfaction possible. At Bulb Direct, you will find: Exceptional customer service; Brand-name quality from manufacturers like Osram Sylvania, GE, Philips, Ushio, Eiko, Duracell, Streamlight, Pyramex and Mag-lite; Great prices; Exceptional shipping policy: one flat packaging and handling charge for your order to be delivered UPS ground in the contiguous United States.