Briot manufactures, sells and services a complete line of optical lab finishing equipment. Innovation is our hallmark. Briot continues to lead the industry in designing automatic edging systems that reduce the time and labor required to create today's popular eyewear with extraordinary precision. Our sales people are consultants who understand the needs of eyecare professionals and are dedicated to helping ECPs achieve profitability and success.

Briot International SA is owned by Luneau Technology SAS whose CEO is Dr. Marc Abitbol Phd, and markets 3 brands: Briot, Weco and Luneau Visionix. With more than 300 technicians world-wide, some 30,000 edgers in operation and 2,000 machines sold each year, opticians all over the world benefit from Briot International's rich history and expertise in helping our customers choose the edging solution that will maximize their profitability and success.

Briot was founded in 1934, and quickly made a name for itself becoming a brand that is known worldwide for quality, innovation, and ability to continuously deliver relevant and affordable products to an ever-changing market.