Bright Instruments Co Ltd

Our Vision

To deliver the best possible customer service, excellent quality and the most advanced products. Bright Instruments policy is simply to be “First by Design". We want to be the automatic supplier of first choice to our customers by providing them with the best products and a personal service.


Our Profile


Bright Instruments manufacture a range of cryostats, microtomes, freezing units and accessories to pathology, histopathology, immunology, life sciences, research and industrial testing & quality control laboratories worldwide.


Located in the UK for over 75 years Bright Instruments manufactures products with the highest quality standards, and have been serving countries all over the world through a network of value added partners.


Why Us?


As a BSI accredited Company we assure that Bright Instruments is committed to providing its customers with superior quality products and has implemented rigorous quality systems and processes to ensure every product meets required standards both for customer’s satisfaction and the destination countries import and standards policy.


We encourage our clients to give us as much feedback as possible, and over the years we

have formalised a process for reviewing this valuable input to find bespoke solutions to meet a wider range of customer demands.


Business focus

Over many decades, Bright Instruments has built a brand leading reputation in the Medical Sectioning industry for our high quality products, dependable services and ability to accept new challenges and opportunities. Our continual focus is to maintain our product quality, efficiency and competitiveness in the UK and international market in which we operate.


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[email protected]
Sovereign Park, Laporte Way, Units 1-3
Luton, Bedfordshire
United Kingdom
44 (0808) 168 9697

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