Brainomix Ltd.

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Company The development of biomarkers based on quantitative imaging provides powerful non-invasive and cost effective diagnostic tools for stratified medicine. Capitalising on their multidisciplinary team of experts, Brainomix Limited, a start-up company from the University of Oxford, aims to become a leader in imaging biomarkers for neurological and cerebrovascular disorders. From our roots in the University's software incubator, our vision is to equip physicians with automated medical imaging tools that will allow them to select the right patient for the right treatment. The company's flagship product is the e-ASPECTS software. This automatically implements the Alberta Stroke Program Early CT Score (ASPECTS) clinical scoring methodology for detecting and assessing signs of stroke damage on computed tomography (CT) scans from patients with acute stroke. ASPECTS was invented by Professor Alastair Buchan, a co-founder of Brainomix and the Dean of Medicine and Professor of Stroke Medicine at the University of Oxford. The software will assist clinicians worldwide with the assessment of patient eligibility for life saving treatment. It will be used both by hospitals offering a stroke service and stroke clinical trials, providing major benefits to patients and the healthcare system. The Brainomix co-founders and team consist of clinicians, scientists, technologists and business professionals specializing in neurology, neuroscience and medical imaging fields. Brainomix is ideally positioned to commercialise innovative medical imaging technologies that will revolutionise and improve the treatment of patients with neurological and cerebrovascular disorders. Brainomix operates a Quality System in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. This quality system is audited and certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.