BOWA-electronic – safe solutions from a single source Whether in the field of medical technology or in the automotive sector, when it comes to protecting human life, trust is key. And trust is what you can expect with a supplier of high-grade safety-relevant products that invests all of its know-how into product development, tool manufacturing and production.

At BOWA-electronic, we give you all of this from a single source. Which is why so many reputable customers from around the world choose our company. The company founders, Bosner and Walter (BoWa) made the leap into independence in 1977, focusing their activities on injection moulding technology in the fields of sensors, cable and plug connectors, as well as plastic components. Two years later, they underwent their first successful partnerships with leading suppliers in the automobile industry.

Continual progress in the development and production of brake sensors for the automobile industry subsequently led to diversification into other sectors. In 1987, the company became involved in the field of high-frequency surgery, leading to the development of increasingly powerful HF surgery tools, along with award-winning accessories. Under the management of Dr. Thomas Kröber, a thriving business grew up. From tool manufacturing to production, BOWA offers everything from a single source. This allows the company to focus entirely on the individual wishes of the customer. In addition, an international sales team – all part of the secret of BOWA's success – is perfectly qualified for attaining the company's primary goal: to be the number one for all of its customers.

As a supplier of a full range of HF surgery tools and accessories, BOWA is a partner that operates internationally in the demanding field of electromedicine. Innovation and know-how in injection moulding technology are what make BOWA a top manufacturer and sought-after supplier throughout the automobile industry.