BORSAM Biomedical Instruments Co., Ltd.

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Company Profile BORSAM Biomedical is located in the University information industry base, Shenzhen, China. We specialize in digital cardiac electrophysiology technology and ECG algorithm.Smart Tengo+ ECG Algorithm was developed by BORSAM Biomedical and provides signal processing and interpretation of the ECG waveform, thereby aiding health care professionals in assessing cardiac parameters. It provides highly accurate QRS detection and feature extraction, beat classification, interval measurement, and rhythm interpretation for up to sixteen leads of captured ECG data. Smart Tengo+ is so versatile, it enables real-time or historical analysis in platforms ranging from in-hospital or call center PC or Server-based devices to small, patient-worn ambulatory devices that employ microcontrollers or DSP's. Innovation is BORSAM's lifeline and business core. Based on Smart Tengo+ algorithm, BORSAM is constantly promoting product's upgrade development, to meet or exceed customer's requirement on new product launching time to market. BORSAM consists of OEM / ODM business units and makes its endeavor in providing high quality service and product of OEM / ODM.