BL Lifesciences Pvt., Ltd.

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B L Lifesciences Pvt Ltd BL Lifesciences, India is the manufacturer & distributor of wide range of medical devices in the field of Anesthesia & Critical care, Pressure Transducer kits (IPEX) , Central Venous Catheters (VENX) , Respiratory (IREX) , Cardiovascular Surgery (PERFX) , Interventional procedures/Cardiology (ANGIX) and Dialysis (DIAX) , Surgical accessories (SURGX) . We have also launched the project for manufacturing of Blood bags (SANGX) . The product would be available soon. We also offer OEM components, Contract Manufacturing Services & Private Labeled Products.Apart from our own brand manufacturing, we are also partnering with various multi-national companies for their product’s distribution in India and the region.