Biotron Diagnostics Inc.

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About us Early in the year 1980, Sterling Biochemicals Inc. of Dearborn, Michigan was acquired by Dr. G. Gagneja (Founder of Biotron Diagnostics Inc. California). Sterling Biochemical Inc. was engaged in the maufacturing of a complete line of Clinical Chemistry Kits and Reagents. About one year later Nuclear Diagnostics Inc. of Troy, Michigan was acquired by Dr. Gagneja. At the time, Nuclear Diagnostics Inc. was a manufacturer of Radio Immunoassay Kits and Reagents. Eventually both companies were incorporated into one entity named NDI/SBI to provide a substantial IVD Products in areas of Clinical Chemistry and Radio-immunochemistry. By middle of the year 1996, both companies were reorganized again under the name of Biotron Diagnostics Inc. (Biotron Diagnostics USA) in California. Biotron Diagnostics Inc. now develops, produces and distributes a complete line of In-Vitro diagnostic Reagents and Kits (Clinical Chemistry, Innovated Research Chemistry, Controls & Calibrators, Immunochemistries Assays (ELISA & CLIA), Diabetes, Blood Banking Reagents (Gel method), Cardiac Biomarkers, Urinalysis, Drug Screening, Point of Care, Fertility, Infectious diseases, Serology, Coagulation, Vetrinary Chemistries and others in the field of Laboratory Medicine. Biotron Diagnostics ’s main Mission is to produce and distribute USA Made and FDA approved IVD Kits and Reagents globally. OEM, Private Label, Bulk Reagents/Components, CRO and Technology Transfer Services are available. Presently Biotron Diagnostics Inc. has three international branches (India, China and Latin America) and other worldwide distribution net work. Biotron Diagnostics has a reputation for high quality, performance and innovation. Biotron continues to provide high quality standard IVD Kits and Reagents while meeting the changing needs of the IVD industry. The company’s main objective is to continue maintaining high quality standard using the latest inventions, discoveries and technologies to develop its products. The strength of our company stems from knowledge and experience in high quality product development provided by Ph.D. Chemists, Biologists and Medical Doctors.