Bioservice srl Headquarters: Via Castello, 9

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Company BioService was instituted as one-man business by Enzo Bortolini in 1987, as medical devices manufacturer for the dental sector. In 1991 he worked out two patents about prosthetic implant components, then exploited by companies of primary importance in the sector. In 1996 he created the Winsix implant line, until December 2007he took care of its quality management designing and developing practically, in cooperation with the prestigious professionals of the sector, all the implant and prosthetic system, still distributed under this mark. S.A.F. S.r.l., trading company which has the task to distributed the Winsix products, was instituted by Bortolini in 2005 with the object to supply Service Assistance and Formation to the users of the system. At the end of the same year S.A.F., following up the entry of a majority partner, became BioS.A.F., but unfortunately the experience didn’t reflect values and fixed objects, so at the end of 2007 Bortolini was forced to dissociate himself from some strategic choices of the company and to dismiss from the accepted appointments. As in his DNA and strong for the experience in the field of the design and the manufacturing of implant-prosthetic systems, he decided to continue the interrupted work, so in March 2008 he institutedBioService S.r.l. In confirmation of the professionalism and the competences, matured in over 20 years of experience in the dental sector, in May 2008 BioService S.r.l. obtained the certification of the quality management system ISO 13485:2004 No. 6996, about the design, the production, the sale and the assistance like medical devices manufacturer. BioService S.r.l. carried out and attends, with the cooperation of numerous clinicians and experts of the sector, to the development of MaTrix™ Implant System, it summarizes and continues to propose a system which satisfies or, better still, exceeds the customers’ expectations and requirements.