Biosearch Medical Products Inc

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Biosearch Medical Products Inc. "The Medical Innovator" is a subsidiary of Hydromer Inc. and creators of hand held electronic devices and anorectal probes which are vital components used in Anorectal Biofeedback Training and Therapy for Fecal Incontinence, Kegel Exercises and Chronic Constipation. The Biosearch Anorectal Biofeedback Monitor 5 and Monitor 10 System Kits (Perineometers and Anorectal Probes) are excellent tools for instructing patients on the correct method of performing perineal strengthening exercises (Monitor 5) and used in the training of patients troubled with Fecal Constipation also referred as non-relaxing puborectalis syndrome (Monitor 10).Both Monitors are proven as valuable assets to Medical Professionals and Patients in helping to alleviate or minimize distressing conditions. These devices are designed for use in Clinic or for use in home by the patient (with the instruction and training of a Medical Professional recommended). Anorectal Biofeedback Monitor 5 and Monitor 10 System Kits are suitable for all ages, including smaller children.