BioResearch Associates Inc

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Bio-Research Associates, Inc. develops and produces highly innovative and advanced products for the evaluation of dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint, the craniofacial musculature and the overall stomatognathic system. Using "State of the Art" electronic technologies and sophisticated software development techniques, BioResearch creates unparalleled products, such as our 8 channel BioEMG II electromyograph, that combines remarkable simplicity with unsurpassed performance. Or, the BioJVA (Joint Vibration Analysis) System, which provides a unique capability to quickly, inexpensively and non-invasively evaluate temporomandibular joint injuries, internal derangements and degenerative conditions.Although we are currently the oldest corporation in the neuromuscular dental instrumentation business, Bio-Research was originally founded for the express purpose of developing the "WaterPik." Subsequently, we have been involved in a wide range of important clinical research and new product development activities. Another one of our more recent developments is the JT-3D magnetic jaw tracker, which is used to evaluate masticatory function and objectively measure treatment outcome.