Biomedical International Corp

Endorse Company
The corporation started as a one man operation at the height of yet another financial crisis in 1982. Taking his international medical corporate knowledge and management experience after a ten year trajectory with Baxter Laboratories, Juan Borges founded Biomedical International Corporation with a mission to faithfully provide the much needed after-sales service and commitment that continues to be the vital backbone of the company after almost three decades of constant success and growth. Knowing the competitive nature of the medical industry, the company, early on, understood the importance of personal attention, the complexity of international challenges and the need for service and educational support, therefore creating the slogan "TAKING CARE OF ALL YOUR MEDICAL NEEDS! ONE ORDER, ONE SHIPMENT, ONE SUPPLIER." With hospital and physician clients in markets through North, Central, South America, the Caribbean Islands, Africa, and the Middle East, Biomedical International is the exclusive provider of such products as monitors, ventilators, sterilizers, operating room equipment, anesthesia machines, and imaging equipment. The company carries furniture for hospitals, clinics, waiting areas and emergency rooms, as well as a full line of turn key products to set up entire facilities such as general hospitals, clinics, surgical centers and general laboratories. Packaging Turn Key Projects, in partnership with our major suppliers, has also played a major role in our development in the 21st Century. We now have the resources and know how to assist in custom hospital design, architectural drawings, and world-renowned manufacturer's assistance in planning and designing complete equipment packaging, and international hospital management.