Biomed Device s.r.l.

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About us Our History Every year, technological innovation drastically changes the procedures for diagnosis and application of therapies in the medical field. Medicine is still undergoing extraordinary developments. Different medical fields and clinical contexts join and work together to develop innovative and effective products. For this reason, a company that has achieved an exceptional standard of specialization in the hemtalogical field has decided to create a spin-off dedicated to diversification, research and innovation. In 2008 Biomed Device s.r.l. was established. Our Values Biomed Device s.r.l. has voluntarily adopted a Code of Ethics that is an official instrument for control of its relations, its activities and its business management policies. Integrity We act with honesty and fairness and have an ethical approach to our work. We want to be reliable and a model. We work in compliance with laws, regulations and good business practices. We are committed to the safety and well-being of patients. Efficiency and Flexibility We do things simply and effectively. We are constantly engaged in activities that create value for customers. We are always ready to adapt to the trends and needs of the future Research We help Research and Clinical Excellence Centers improve in their activities. Our products must always be validated by independent clinical studies. The numerous scientific articles mentioning our products have a great value for us. The Company It is a young and dynamic company, created to develop new technical and clinical solutions in specific areas of medicine. Science has fully understood the potential and possible clinical applications of blood cells only recently and has hence begun to prepare the ground for leading-edge therapies. These are the two contexts, Stem Cells and PRP (platelet rich plasma), on which Biomed Device s.r.l. focuses its activities. The company’s know-how, along with independent, external scientific and clinical support, are amongst the assets of Biomed Device s.r.l.. Scientific study and research have led Biomed Device s.r.l. to choose two specific operating segments: Human tissue regeneration Technologies for the treatment and use of stem cells Since 2009, when the company became fully operational, the turnover of Biomed Device s.r.l. has grown constantly, every year, by more than 18%. The turnover in 2014 exceeded USD 1.5 million and, in the current year, growth will be more than 30%. Our Products Biomed Device s.r.l. manufactures and markets a full range of products for the Regeneration of Human Tissue and the use of Stem Cells. The design and development of models takes place within the Company. The products and systems offered by Biomed Device s.r.l. are covered and protected by international patents and certified as Medical Devices according to European Directive 93/42/EEC by TÜV Rheinland Italia. We offer all the products a physician needs to implement care protocols involving the regeneration of human tissue: from blood collection and cell separation, to application, transport and preservation systems. We deliver solutions to the medical profession in the following clinical fields: Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Dermatology Ophthalmology Aesthetics Oncohematology