Bibbero Systems Inc

Endorse Company
The company began operations in San Francisco, California in 1953 as Med-Dent Publishing Co., and moved its operations to its current location in Petaluma, California in 1982. The company's founder, Richard V. Bibbero, was a noted national figure in medical practice consulting for many years and renamed the company Bibbero Systems, Inc. in 1962.In 1972, the current president of the company, Michael J. Buckley, came to work as a manager at Bibbero Systems. He redirected the company's product development, manufacturing, and marketing expertise toward file organizing systems for healing arts professionals, banks, lawyers, government institutions and others. The company employs 90 people and has office and production facilities in Petaluma totaling approximately 49,000 square feet.The company distributes catalogs to medical, dental, veterinary, banking & financial institutions, title & escrow, government and general business markets, stocks over 2000 products, offers extensive custom printing services, and manufactures file-backs and index tabs. The company has over 30,000 active customers throughout the United States.