Behringer Srl

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Behringer s.r.l Our history Behringer is an Italian company that has been active since early last century in the area of industrial products and systems. Created by its founder, August Behringer, in the ‘60s it was taken over by the Ottonello family who began the modernization process. The initial production was for technical gas devices, paying special attention to the iron and steel industry, shipbuilding and marble industry in the flaming sector. In the ‘80s, Francesco Ottonello had the idea to create a new line of products for the distribution of medical gases that made Behringer one of the leading manufacturers in this sector on the European market. Since 2001, Behringer has been part of the Sol group, leader in the production and distribution technical, medical and pure gases. Behringer now The know-how it has built up during its long experience has made it possible for Behringer to always guarantee the most convenient solutions based on cutting edge technology, of top standard and with excellent performance. The company is projecting itself more and more internationally and works in four market segments: devices for medical gases, devices for welding, devices for pure gases, devices for flaming. And it has a brand new Service segment for medical systems.