Bauerfeind USA Inc

Endorse Company
Bauerfeind USA was founded in 1985 in Kennesaw, GA as a subsidiary of Bauerfeind AG. Bauerfeind USA shares the same corporate vision of Bauerfeind Germany to provide superior products to help people live fulfilling, active lives, at any age. Our supports, orthoses, medical compression stockings and orthopedic supports help you to maintain and regain health. They increase wellbeing and ensure greater quality of life! Product lines include Compression Stockings, Supports and Orthoses, Insoles and Measurement Technology. Tradition of excellence and unrivaled commitment to quality are the driving forces behind everything we Bauerfeind does.In 2010 celebrating their 25th year in the US, Bauerfeind USA has opened a new store and performance center in Marietta, Georgia offering the best in sports and medical supports! Bauerfeind's products are made with all people in mind, our many years of experience and the knowledge gained from supplying athletes and consumers alike is incorporated into the ongoing development of their products. At the new, Bauerfeind USA store and performance center they offer cutting edge diagnostic technologies, ideas and new product innovations. Some of the innovative measuring technologies available at Bauerfeind USA are innovative BodyTronic, Image 3D measuring system for compression therapy, MediLogic foot pressure measuring system, the SpinalMouse for measurement of the Spinal Column, and VenoScan to check vein health.