B Cell Design SAS

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B Cell Design, an alternative to disease state plasma B Cell Design (BCD) is a company involved in two main areas: - therapeutic field with a vaccine candidate to HIV and other infectious diseases and a drug candidate to colorectal cancer. - In vitro diagnostic field with human chimeric monoclonal antibodies due to be used as positive controls or calibrators in IVD kits as alternative to characterized disease state plasma. BCD was founded in 2007 with the mission of promoting a new approach to mucosal immunotherapies using IgA monoclonal antibodies. Using this technology, BCD has been developing two therapeutic molecules: a vaccine candidate in infectious disease as well as a drug candidate against colorectal cancer. Thanks to this knowledge on IgA monoclonal antibodies, BCD has expanded its technology and platform (exclusive licensee of HAMIGA® and Gammaprim® and co-owner of InEps®) in order to manufacture IgA, IgG, IgM and IgE human chimeric monoclonal antibodies . BCD and particularly Arkab, a BCD division which opened in 2015 to lead its IVD development, is now able to provide a wide range of services to produce human chimeric antibodies suitable for diagnostic kits in academic laboratories and industrial research departments in Diagnostic and Pharmaceutical companies. B Cell Design/Arkab is now extending its R&D activity to offer a wide range of products in replacement of disease state plasma including anti-infectious (viral, bacterial, parasitic), autoimmunity , allergy , and food intolerance . Product list : Standards and calibrators for infectious diseases: · IgM anti-CMV (gB surface protein of Cytomegalovirus HHV5) · IgG1 anti-CMV (gB) · Neutralizing IgA1 surface protein of Cytomegalovirus HHV5) · IgA anti-hRSV (Protein F) · IgM anti-Flu (H1N1) · IgG1 anti-Flu (H1N1) · IgG1 anti-Flu (H3N2) · Neutralizing IgA1 anti-Flu (H1N1) · IgA1 anti-Flu (H3N2) · IgA1 anti-Flu ( H1N1/H3N2) Standards and calibrators for allergy or food intolerance: · IgA anti- gliadin · IgA anti-Ovalbumin · IgA anti- Peanut antigen · IgM anti-Peanut antigen · IgM anti-Ovalbumin and IgE anti-Ovalbumin (both human chimeric monoclonal antibodies with the same variable VDJ region of the heavy chain) · IgM anti-Hymenoptera venom (Bee and Wasp) and IgE anti-Hymenoptera Venom (both human chimeric monoclonal antibodies with the same VDJ region of the heavy chain) Standards and calibrators in development: · IgM, IgG-anti-toxoplasma · IgM, IgG anti- GM1monosialoganglioside · IgG and IgM anti-ANA (several Antinuclear antibodies for auto-immunity) · IgE anti-Peanut antigen · IgE anti-6APA (Penicillin) Pipeline of projects: · IgG, IgM anti-syphilis · IgM, IgG-anti Rubella · IgM, IgG-anti HSV1 · IgM, IgG-anti HSV2 · IgM, IgG anti-Dengue (NS1) · IgM, IgG-anti ANA