Company Profile ASSKEA medical As a company, ASSKEA GmbH was established in Greußen, Germany in 2003. The new premises in Gebesee were occupied five years later. These new premises offer more space for production and administration and are an excellent working environment. As such, they have given the ASSKEA R and D department plenty of scope for innovation. Ever since ASSKEA was founded, the production and distribution of high quality medical equipment has been its business. The current generation of devices in the "S" and "M" series represents high efficiency with comfort and ease of use. The high technical standard and careful manufacture of these devices is the guarantee of their safety in use. ASSKEA suction units for inpatient or outpatient aspiration – high performance, safety and efficiency! Because of the DFS® double filter system, we are setting standards for reusability in medical suction equipment. The ASSKEA units require a minimum of time and materials before they can be brought back into use again and they have a long lifetime. To describe the personality of our company we defined company guidelines. These guidelines include gists, basic values, aims and success criterias of our company. The guidlines definde the manner for central reference groups like personnel, customers and distributors. The guidelines phrase the specific competence of our company, its effectiveness and the competative advantage.