Asset Medikal Tasarım A.S is the first medical company that on early stages funded by a venture capital firm. Our aim is not to work on different branches of the sector. Our aim is to become a world-known brand when it comes to secure infusion products.

That is why we entered to the market with our patented Needle-free injection valves. Our journey with needle free valves started in 2000 while we were an importer company. For 9 years we were distributor of an American product. At the time Turkish market was not aware of Needle-free valves.

For a long time we conducted seminars and we trained healthcare workers on concept that reduces infection risks. Because Needle-free valves eliminate usage of needles and caps, users love them and its popularity grew widely. In 2009 we started to produce our own patented design, FlowArt. With our 9 year experience in the field, we saw advantages and disadvantages of the world-known brands.

We figured out how our Needle-free valve should be, but most importantly we figured out how our Needle-free valve should not be. Since 2011 we also started exporting our valves. The most important property of FlowArt product family is that all the things from design process to patent, from moulds to manufacturing equipments and to mount are local. Shortly, our products are “Designed and Made in Turkey”.