A company devoted to infusion technology with ISO 9001/EN 29001 and EN 46001 quality standards. For over 25 years, Arcomed has been successful in the infusion technology business. For over two decades our experience and that of our customers has resulted in the development of quality products and enabled us to reach the highest safety and performance. Over 40 Distributors in four continents have put their trust in our know-how and quality.

Arcomed's prime activity is in the medical field. We develop, manufacture and sell infusion pumps which are: Designed according to user needs User friendly Fullfill all European safety requirements and quality standards Supported by a good service network worldwide

Our goal is to continue to be one of the major independent manufacturers of infusion pumps and to substantially increase market share through the 5000 and 6000 series, volumetric and syringe.

Research and development is carried out in house in order to concentrate the know how within Arcomed and to be able to respond quickly to customer needs.


Althardstr. 150,
8105 Regensdorf
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