Ambiance Healthcare B.V. is a young dynamic and international company offering a comprehensive range of stoma products and stoma user accessories. Ambiance Healthcare aims to make the lives of stoma users as pleasant as possible by continuously developing new products in line with stoma user requirements and in consultation with stoma care nurses.

Most of Ambiance Healthcare’s research is into stoma aids, and especially into the problem of irritated skin surrounding the stoma, the condition of which is of the greatest importance to a stoma user. Through good communication with both the user and the nurse, we can produce new products in such a way that they fully meet the wishes of stoma users.

Ambiance Healthcare regularly presents itself at various trade fairs/exhibitions, amongst others in The Netherlands, America, Dubai, Germany and other European countries. If you have any questions regarding our products, we would be glad to answer them, or even discuss matters at any of our trade fairs.