X-ray HF X-ray generator Patriarch GTR Labs

X-ray HF X-ray generator Patriarch GTR Labs

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Patriarch offers High Frequency, DSP Technology at a 60Hz price Features: Excellent Accuracy, Reproducibility and Linearity Automatic Calibration Pulse Width Modulated with Closed Loop Feedback Self Diagnostics with Error Code Reporting Low Speed Rotor APR Console included Bucky Control included Automatic Line Compensation Large X-ray Tube Library Software Configurable ISO 9001:2000 with Design, CE Mark and UL 2601 Certification FDA Approved Utilizing DSP software control of the kVp waveform, Patriarch produces a square wave output with excellent linearity and reproducibility. The coefficient of variation between adjacent stations is less than 1%. Standard features included on all Patriarch generators are Self-Diagnostics with clearly defined Error Codes to guide the Service Technician, as well as AUTOCAL to increase productivity and reduce installation time. X-Ray tube characteristic curves are digitized and factory pre-loaded to provide ease of selection on installation as well as tube protection during operation. With step-by-step instructions from the Technical Manual the Patriarch generators are designed for a minimum of installation time. Opening the box to finishing calibration usually takes two hours or less. Using AUTOCAL, calibration takes less than 15 minutes.
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