Wrist strap (orthopedic immobilization) Neothermik 2 Teyder

Wrist strap (orthopedic immobilization) Neothermik 2 Teyder
Neothermik 2

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This wrist brace minimizes and controls muscular pain and weakness while exercising. It is also used for functional recovery and thermotherapy. It is composed of 3 layers made of different materials. The first layer which is the one in contact with the skin is made of terry-towel with microcapsules and vitalizing components to neutralize and eliminate odor while the external/finishing layer is made of polyamide in navy blue or beige. The middle layer is made of perforated neoprene. With these three layers and materials combined, this wrist brace is breathable. This item is only available in one size.
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