Westergren tube S-Sedivette® Sarstedt

Westergren tube S-Sedivette® Sarstedt

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The S-Sedivette® allows sedimentation measurement in the extraction tube, without opening the system. Compared to the traditional method, it is more hygienic and simpler to operate. It also reduces costs and saves time since there is no longer a need for transferring of blood. Further optimization of ESR measurement is provided by the automatic Sediplus® S 200 blood sedimentation measuring device with 10 measuring stations, or for higher sample volumes, the Sediplus® S 2000 with 40 stations (expandable to 160 stations as an option). The Sarmix® M 200 mixer is designed for and can be used with the S-Sedivette® to ensure thorough and gentle mixing prior to analysis.
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