Washing tunnel TW 3000/2 Steelco

Washing tunnel TW 3000/2 Steelco
TW 3000/2

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The TW 3000/2 Smart Tunnel disinfector is a new model that can handle 62 DIN 1/1 trays in an hour. This uses two chambers and operates with one of the best rates for productivity and cost on the market. This works with a strong throughput as the number of devices required to make it work will be minimal so more space can work, thus keeping investment costs from being a burden. The washer is 45.27 inches wide and 69.88 inches in diameter, thus ensuring plenty of space for washing needs. It may be mixed with an ATS system and a DS 1000 disinfector. In fact, it can even use the same accessories and carts that are already used with the DS 1000 disinfector.
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