Washing tunnel AC 8000 series Steelco

Washing tunnel AC 8000 series Steelco
AC 8000 series

The AC 8000 unit is made to handle many cleaning functions. This uses two dosage units and two separate pre-heating water tanks. This also has a sliding door. The body can use a second door if needed. The doors are mad with AISI 316L stainless steel bodies and each have glass windows for inspection use and even a left or right hand door handle. The AC 8000/2 unit has a chamber with a depth of 88.58 inches and the AC 8000/3 uses a 118.11-inch depth. Both models have automatic manifolds to make trolleys easy to use with spray arms and injection items. This also uses a data storage system and can handle two chemical controls. The control panel can work with many languages and is very easy to read and adjust.
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