Washing tunnel AC 7000 series Steelco

Washing tunnel AC 7000 series Steelco
AC 7000 series

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The AC 7000 washer is made for larger facilities that need to rinse off cages and racks. This uses two water tanks and two dosage units to make the cycles in the unit successful and sensible. This uses a single or double door with an AISI 316L steel body. The inspection window is made of glass to make it easy for items to be reviewed while the washing process goes on. This also has a left or right-hand handle option based on your needs. This is useful for items with spray arms and injections systems alike although the injection system is an optional unit made for cleaning feeding bottles. This also has a self-cleaning filter to make it easier for water to move around. The dosing system also has a fully control design. The touch screen control makes using this simple and even works with many languages in mind.
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