Washer-dryer glassworks / laboratory 500 L | LAB 1000 Steelco

Washer-dryer glassworks / laboratory 500 L | LAB 1000 Steelco
500 L | LAB 1000

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The makers are Steelco LAB1000 glassware washer was created for labs that have a centralized washing areas. This device comes with a pass through double double door that separates the dirty and clean areas. The glassware after the cleaning and drying processes will be moved back into the laboratory to be used again. The Steelco-filtered-forced0aira A 500 mc/h Hepa filter drying system has changeable time and temperature settings, which assists to dry the in and outside of the drying glassware. The two Steelco washing pumps each have an area just to separate washing circutes, allow for high water rates combed with effective spray pressure. The automatic motorized double glass doors are vertical sliding for added ease. Ergonomic design of the door height makes it possible for the user to load and unload it conveniently, and the use gets helps from the manual loading and unloading trolleys. The baskets injection connection system is used to wash the water pipe.
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