Vibration plate Compex® WinPlate Chattanooga International

Vibration plate Compex® WinPlate Chattanooga International
Compex® WinPlate

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Kit includes: 1 vibration plate, 2 hands straps, 1 soft mat, 1 power cable, 1 user manual, 1 poster with exercises. Compex is now offering a new solution for athletes seeking to improve the effectiveness of their training. With its unique “Whole Body Vibration” concept, the Compex WINPLATE is confirming its technical advance with perfectly controlled vertical vibration, for a whole new level of working comfort. Whole Body Vibration Concept: Why are vibrations essential? Vertical vibrations call upon the muscle reflexes. This is why up to 100% of muscle fibres work, as opposed to around 40% in a traditional training session. The muscle workout on the Winplate is complete because it works the whole muscle, and not just part of it. Benefits

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