Veterinary isolation cage 925.3931.01 Shor-Line

Veterinary isolation cage 925.3931.01 Shor-Line

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The Isolation/Parvo Cage is a single unit which enables potentially infectious patients to be isolated from healthy patients. It utilizes a unique drainage system which enables fast and easy cleaning. The cage shell is disinfectant safe polyethylene and the floor is raised in order to keep the patient elevated to minimize contact with their waste. The Lexan door splatter guard and raised bottom retaining lip are used to contain explosive diarrhea. It has a sloped rear drainage system. The Isolation/Parvo Cage has inner dimensions of 35" x 28" x 27" (w x d x h) and outer dimensions of 38" x 34" (including drain) x 31" (w x d x h).
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