Veterinary doppler / vascular / portable S6V SonoScape Company

Veterinary doppler / vascular / portable S6V SonoScape Company

S6V is a universal portable color Doppler system designed to meet a wide-range of veterinary applications. It supports user-definable veterinary exam modes for small and large animal and applies diagnosis and measurement in Animal Reproduction, Cardiology, Abdomen, and Superficial organs. The veterinary become confident on face to difficult-scan animal, with the professional veterinary software packages, specialized examination modes, more than 50 kinds of vet body marks and a complete range of professional transducers like veterinary endocavity probe for reproductive and superficial application, phased array and micro-convex transducer for abdominal and cardiac application.
  • Application: : veterinary, vascular
  • Configuration: : portable
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