UV-VIS spectrophotometer Aurius series Cecil Instruments

UV-VIS spectrophotometer Aurius series Cecil Instruments
Aurius series

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Aurius Series With an optical bandwidth of 4nm and superb stability, accuracy and precision these very easy to use instruments are ideal general purpose spectrophotometers. Excellent for routine and quality control laboratories, they offer a wide range of quantitative techniques with wavelength scanning as an option. Both UV Visible and Visible versions are available with full validation procedures. Super Aurius Series The Super Aurius instruments are unique for their very high performance scanning, with derivatives, overlay, extended analytical power and multi-cell Kinetics. They cover the full 190-1100nm wavelength range with a narrow 1.8nm optical bandwidth. With straylight of 0.01%, wavelength precision of 0.1nm and baseline stability of better than ±0.001A/hr, the most demanding analytical work may be undertaken. Performance With Convenience The ease of operation makes even complex tasks simple. An exceptional range of software and accessories makes the Aurius and Super Aurius instruments superb multi-user instruments, ideal for multi-discipline laboratories.
  • Spectrometer type:UV-VIS
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