UV transilluminator / electophoresis UVT-14 BE Herolab

UV transilluminator / electophoresis UVT-14 BE Herolab

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UVT-14 BE Transilluminator Transilluminators are used in molecular biology labs to view DNA (or RNA) that has been separated by electrophoresis. There are 2types of transilluminator -UV Transilluminators UV tables are designed for use in daily routines. They can be used in the field of standard gel documentation for the preparation of nucleic acids. Features -Designed with stainless steel filter frame and robust steel housing. -High UV Intensity due to use of reflectors made of refined aluminum -Homogeneous UV light for uniform illumination of samples -Used in combination with a RadiCon® plate as a white-light table. -Removable adjustable UV protection shield available optionally. -Bluelight Transilluminators Designed to use with SYBR dyes which can be energized in the blue range (420 – 500 nm) and emit light above 520 nm. Features -Gentle excitation of fluorescent DNA bands in a gel. -Designed primarily for use with SYBR dyes. -No risk of UV radiation which can damage DNA. -Not dangerous for the user. -Orange glasses or cover to see the bands are optional.
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