UV lamp / germicidal / ceiling-mounted 2.3 W/m² | NBV 2 x 30 NL Ultraviol

UV lamp / germicidal / ceiling-mounted 2.3 W/m² | NBV 2 x 30 NL Ultraviol
2.3 W/m² | NBV 2 x 30 NL

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TECHNICAL DATA power supply: 230 V 50 Hz power requirement: 40 VA element emits uv-c radiation: TUV30W radiation uv-c intensity at the distance of 1 m : 2,3 W / m2 bulb working time: 8000 h effective area of the lamp: 12-15 m2 exposing angle: 200 ° class of protect. against electric shock.: I cover type : IP 20 kind of work: continous dome dimensions : 925 x 85 x 135 mm dome mass: 3 kg lenght of the holder: 120 mm type of the counter: without the display Description: L - digital workigng time counter with the micro-processor, without the display, with the acoustic signaling of the moment of the change the UV bulb, Reader CL-02 make it possible to read the current state of the counte. wall-mounted designed to increase the level of microbiological purity of rooms emits germicidal UV that has a specific wavelength of 253.7 nanometers deactivates (break the DNA of)bacteria,viruses, moulds, mushrooms and all different micro-organisms for air and area disinfection reflex is made of high quality reflective aluminum designed to be employed on operating blocks, surgeries, dressing studies, patient halls, outpatient clinics, aboratories, drugstores, in the pharmaceutical industry, food and cosmetic industry the effectiveness of the lamps is confirmed by the audits
  • Configuration:ceiling-mounted
  • Type:germicidal, UV
Stepowizna 34,
95-100 Zgierz
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