Uterine injector HANDLIN RI.MOS

Uterine injector HANDLIN RI.MOS

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It is used for procedures where uterus manipulation and/or injection of costrast media is requested (e.g. diagnostic and operative laparoscopy, fertility examinations, etc.). It has a curved shape for an easy insertion and a stiff handle allowing a firm safe manipulation. It is provided with a double lumen inner catheter with a measurement scale ranging from 4 to 10 cm (1 cm resolution) to assess correct insertion depth. The catheter is provided with: a simple locking system to avoid accidental movements during the procedure; a PVC 10 cc balloon with diameter 20 mm placed on the catheter tip to minimize any accidental perforation and avoid contrast media reflow; a one-way valve for balloon inflation directly connected to an outer reference device showing the real condition of the inner balloon; a female luer lock connector for constrast media injection.
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