Urinary drainage set 00-1225, 00-1227 Flexicare Medical

Urinary drainage set 00-1225, 00-1227 Flexicare Medical
00-1225, 00-1227

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Urine meters are primarily used with post operative patients or those critically ill, where precise monitoring of urine output is necessary. Flexicare have developed a sterile closed collection Urimeter with an integral measuring chamber directly above the in-line collection bag. Free and Rapid Flow The wide bore drainage tube allows unimpaired flow of urine into the bag, optimising drainage and providing observation of urine flow. The tube is both firm and flexible affording comfort to the user. Secure Fastening The integral hangers and straps ensure the Flexicare Urimeter is securely attached to any bed frame. Vertical Drainage Vertical drainage ensures complete emptying of the measuring chamber Safe and Secure Drainage The unique design and manufacture of our non-return valves (NRV) allows low pressure drainage without compromising its anti-reflux property. Hydrophobic Filters The hydrophobic filter allows for the air and any gas build up in the bag to escape without allowing proteins or fluids to pass through. Enclosed Tap Protector The lever tap can be housed in the blue tap holder when not in use to prevent the tap touching the floor or being accidentally opened.
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