Ultrasound bone densitometer / for bone densitometry SAHARA™ Hologic

Ultrasound bone densitometer / for bone densitometry SAHARA™ Hologic

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With Sahara, there's finally an ultrasound modality for bone assessment that is simple, convenient and practical for the office-based physician. Ultrasound bone sonometry is a safe, radiation-free modality that provides precise quantitative assessment of skeletal status, useful in identifying patients at risk of developing osteoporosis and for assessing their risk of future fracture. Now you can add bone-testing capabilities to your private practice or clinic with the portable, easy-to-use Sahara clinical bone sonometer. In less than a minute, you can estimate a patient's bone mineral density, based on an ultrasound measurement of the calcaneus (heel bone), the preferred peripheral site proven in numerous studies to predict fracture risk.
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