Ultrasonic nebulizer DP100+ SYST'AM

Ultrasonic nebulizer DP100+ SYST'AM

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This is Recommended for the treatment of respiratory pathologies through aerosols and humidification sessions and features Aerosols generated through ultrasonic technology, Optimal size and great homogeneity of the particles for greater treatment efficiency, Low noise, Enables the nebulisation of volume from 2 to 30 ml in aerosoltherapie and 0,2 to 1L in use as humidifier. Nebulisation sets: Patented system Control'Dose® optimising the drug inhaled fraction. Set delivered with mask and valved mouthpiece reducing the vasted volume. Humidification sets: Closed system avoiding direct contact with the device preventing infection & contamination risks, Universal connecting system compatible with most typs of sterile water bottles. Various settings and functionalities : detection system in the nebulisation chamber, timer, automatic memory of previous settings,management of the quartz, intelligent alarm system,adjustable temperature.
  • Type:ultrasonic