Ultrasonic dental scaler / complete set Piezo Pilot™ Vista Dental Products

Ultrasonic dental scaler / complete set Piezo Pilot™ Vista Dental Products
Piezo Pilot™

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FOR HYGIENE: The Pilot™ allows clinicians to use a wide range of very thin tips for a variety of procedures ranging from routine preventative care to severe periodontal cases. Unlike Cavitron™* tips which move quickly in a scribbling figure 8 motion, slow, methodical and controlled strokes are more efficient with the Pilot™ which requires time to transfer the energy needed to shatter the calculus and remove adherent biofilms. Using the terminal end of the tip like a perio probe - parallel to the long axis of the tooth - strokes can be horizontal, vertical or oblique overlapping to cover the entire surface. Maneuvering around the line angle, the tip is rotated in a similar manner to rotating a curette. FOR ENDO: Innovative features offer a broad range of settings for endo, bone surgery and other exacting endodontic procedures According to Gary L. Henkel, D.D.S, A.G.D., “Vista’s Pilot™ has a much greater power range than average. Low range is great for normal endo applications and mid range for perio and hygiene . . . but the cool part is the upper range. We tested it with piezo surgical tips similar to Satelec and Mectron tips, and found the Pilot™ had enough power to do BOTH endo and implants!” There are special power settings for post removal and certain bone surgery applications. Dr. Henkel continues, “. . . at high power, we used it for extractions, ridge splits and sinus lifts. The Pilot™ has worked very well for us and costs a fraction of high-end piezo surgery units!”
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