Turn sheet / sliding / adult 507xx series Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Turn sheet / sliding / adult 507xx series Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd
507xx series

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Item # 507Q2 - Red (Quiet & Breathable) $34 Item # 507S2 - Pink (Noisy & Non-Breathable) $34 Item # 507QB2 - Light Blue (Quiet & Breathable) $34 Item # 507RB2 - Royal Blue (Noisy & Non-Breathable) $19.5 The Small Pelican Bed Slide Sheets are 1 meter x 1.5 meters approx. Pelican Bed Slide Sheets are made in four different materials. The Red ‘Q’ Slide Sheets are very quiet when in use – a virtual ‘silent night’ for the patients. The Light Blue ‘B’ Slide Sheets are made from the same quiet material as the Red ‘Q’ but just a different colour. Another feature of this material is that it is breathable. This is very important with other items we make from this material like the Slide & Turn Sheet, when the patient sleeps directly on top of the material. This breathable material helps prevent perspiration, even in hot weather. The Pink ‘S’ material is not breathable and has some noise when in use. This noise may disturb some patients. The noise decreases after the Pink ‘S’ Sheet has been washed several times. The Royal Blue ‘RB’ material is not breathable but has a lower, more acceptable noise level when new and is less expensive than the other materials. To avoid a hem that may compromise skin integrity, the sheets have been heat sealed to help prevent fraying. If fraying occurs, the edges can either be cut with crimping scissors, or sewn with a hem.
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