Turn sheet / sliding 583 Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Turn sheet / sliding 583 Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd

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Turn Yourself Sheet Item # 583 Some people who have Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Arthritis or other muscular skeletal problems, may have trouble turning from side to side in bed. The Turn Yourself Sheet may help these people with limited strength but good mental ability. The Turn Yourself Sheet will reduce the friction under the shoulders and hips when turning. This special breathable sheet is placed on the bed and stays in position with a very strong breathable foam that will withstand commercial washing. The Turn Yourself Sheet is laid on the bed with the special foam pad face down and with the Sheet spread out either side of the foam section. Position the Sheet with the top part just under the pillow to ensure it is under the person’s shoulders. The bottom part will then be under the person’s thighs, ensuring the hips will also be on top of the Turn Yourself Sheet. This product can be used on any size bed. Most people sleep directly onto the breathable fabric, but a small cotton sheet can be placed on it if desired, if the person is allergic to nylon.
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Osborne Park, WA
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