Trolley washer-disinfector / medical / high-capacity LC 80 Steelco

Trolley washer-disinfector / medical / high-capacity LC 80 Steelco
LC 80

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The Steelco LC 80 washer and disinfector is made to work with cleaning plans for all sorts of items. This is made with a full cleaning and disinfection design that makes it easy for items to be dried up as necessary. This can also recirculate water and other items through pumps and blowers. This may work with an automatic manifold connection to get a trolley ready with washing arms and other items used in the injection process. This makes it easier for items to be maintained and for surgical instruments to work according to the needs one has. This can also work with a trolley washer function with an CSSD peak. It can even back-up its settings as necessary. This uses a lateral sliding door and can use two doors if needed depending on the model.
  • Characteristics:high-capacity
  • Application:medical, for trolleys
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