Trendelenburg blood donor armchair 130 kg | 51202HB CARINA

Trendelenburg blood donor armchair 130 kg | 51202HB CARINA
130 kg | 51202HB

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Blood sampling chair with fixed height, Height= 500 mm Comfortable upholstery with good density on 80 mm foam, width 550, M1 class, 20 colours range Steel quality, epoxy paint, 16 colours range Adjusting back rest via 1 gas jack Adjusting leg rest via a self locking mechanism system Equipped with 2 bloodtest splints, every position adjustable by serrated blocks system Trendelenburg positionl Load capacity: Dynamic 130kg Options: pair of clamps ACC537, pair of leg rests ACC964, cover for leg rest SL0964, pair of stirrups ACC105, arm rest splint ACC100, polyurethane bloodtest splint ACC110POLY, IV stand with 2 hooks ACC32010, head rest ACC54005, plastic cover for leg rest ACC514, 4 castors Ø 50 mm with full brakes ACC9505, exam sheet roller ACC125, Stainless steel tray ACC910/PLAT02
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