Traditional femoral stem / cementless Zimmer® M/L + Kynectiv Zimmer

Traditional femoral stem / cementless Zimmer® M/L + Kynectiv Zimmer
Zimmer® M/L + Kynectiv

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Product Description The M/L Taper with Kinectiv Technology allows the surgeon to fit the implant to the patient. A system of modular stem and neck components designed to help the surgeon restore the natural hip joint center intraoperatively by addressing leg length, offset, and version independently. The broad array of neck options enables the surgeon to precisely match a wide range of male and female patient anatomies without compromise. Research has shown high variability in head height, offset and version among patients.1-3 Although the most profound differences can be appreciated between men and women, there is much variation among all patients. Stems with modular heads and cups with modular liners have achieved widespread adoption. The system of modular necks allows the surgeon to efficiently respond intraoperatively to excessive femoral version, muscle laxity or contracture, discrepancies with x-ray templating, and unanticipated cup version, depth or height. The intraoperative flexibility of independent leg length, offset and version allows the surgeon to: Equalize leg length Alleviate impingement Optimize range of motion Ensure optimum joint stability
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