Traditional acetabular prosthesis / cementless CAPTIV PRF EVOLUTIS

Traditional acetabular prosthesis / cementless CAPTIV PRF EVOLUTIS

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The CAPTIV PRF acetabular cup for total hip arthroplasty is simple and effective. The elliptic geometry of the cup includes an equatorial macrostructure superior to the nominal diameter which offers strong primary stability, the CAPTIV PRF acetabular cup's biological secondary fixation is enhanced by the hydroxyapatite coating layer. The primary fixation can be completed by one to five cancellous screws and/or fixation pegs screwed on the cup shell. The screw holes, as well as the apex hole, are obturables with the aim of limiting the migration of the wear particles in the acetabulum. Choice of friction couple The CAPTIV PRF acetabular cup is optimized for use with ceramic on ceramic and metal or ceramic on polyethylene friction couples . The "hard" couples require a conception without compromise of the acetabulum cup. The conception has to optimize the conical junction of the ceramic insert without creating any peaks of stress to the materail, and has to facilitate the introduction of the ceramic in the cup. The design also has to take into account the micro-distortion during impaction of the metal-back in the acetabulum, while optimizing the diameter of head with regard to the diameter of the cup.
  • Fixture type:cementless
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