Tonometer (ophthalmic examination) / air tonometry / portable Model 30™ Reichert

Tonometer (ophthalmic examination) / air tonometry / portable Model 30™ Reichert
Model 30™

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The Reichert Model 30™ Pneumatonometer provides fast and accurate tonometry and optional tonography functions. It is an easy to use instrument. The probe tip floats on an air bearing. This is gently touched to the anesthetized cornea. It regulates the flow of filtered air precisely and applies force to the tip. The air flows through vents through a 5mm diameter fenestrated membrane. This is maintained till it conforms to the shape of the cornea. The pressure applied is increased continually till it matches the pressure in the anterior chamber. The intraocular pressure is recorded when these forces are in balance. The ocular pulse waveform is charted and recorded along with IOP in pulse tonometry.
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