Thoracic trocar / non-rounded tip TR05-b1 MetroMed Healthcare

Thoracic trocar / non-rounded tip TR05-b1 MetroMed Healthcare

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Low profile and finger-shaped hook to provide high performance. Minimize port site injury and facilitate rapid healing that results reduced risk of post-operative incisional hernia, vascular injury, bladder injury and trocar site bleeding. Ensure secure abdominal anchoring by means of cannula retention ridges. Fixation cannula reduces slippage and port migration. Prevent peritoneal tenting due to smooth obturator / cannula transition. Non-bladed tip design results Mini-Invasive that minimize tissue damage and facilitate fascial closure. Allow visualisation of instrument introduction through the transparent cannula. Provide leak free instrument exchange by means of an air tight dual seal system. Universal Seal System to allow quick exchange of 5, 10, 12 mm instruments. Special smooth cannula tip design to avoide damage organ. Consistent dilation of tissue under controlled dilation along a small linear defect. Economy, Safety, Stability and Reliability.
  • Trocar type:thoracic
  • Blade characteristics:non-rounded tip
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