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TeraRecon 3D Print Pack

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3D Advanced Visualization is at the core of TeraRecon DNA.  We are extending our capability to the 3D printing world with a dedicated image processing workflow to enhance 3D printing outcomes. Printing your model is easier than ever.

Every TeraRecon system houses a feature that allows users to print directly from their existing workflow. It provides a way to print full-color 3D models without the need for a printer or any 3rd party software, while avoiding the use of giant, inefficient STL files. Additionally, TeraRecon offers services to support your segmentation or design needs with complex studies or models.


Leave no room for variance in visualization. Review life-like models with colleagues and patients to ensure consistent impressions and outcomes.
Segmentations can be visualized via the TeraRecon printing portal and virtual reality tools from anywhere.


Begin printing today - no start-up costs or delays associated with launching an on-site 3D printing lab.
Increase service line adoption and decrease procedure time.


Allow patients to engage with their own anatomy and better understand a diagnosis or procedure.
Encourage hands-on learning for residents and students.

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The TeraRecon 3D Print Pack portal puts you in control of your printing projects, with clear pricing and rapid delivery times. Users may request the assistance of a 3D image segmentation expert and/or a production design consultant to ensure the model meets your exact needs. Within the 3D Print Pack Portal, you can size, price and print models with a simple and intuitive workflow that is accessible anywhere.

TeraRecon and WhiteClouds provide full color sandstone representative anatomic 3D models. TeraRecon 3D Print Pack credits are used for the purchase of 3D-printed physical models derived from medical images, which are intended for non-diagnostic display and discussion or education purposes only. These models have been shown to provide benefits in the education of providers, assist with surgical planning and improve communications with patients about their specific medical conditions.

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