Synthetic bone substitute / rigid FRIOS® ALGIPORE® DENTSPLY Implants GmbH

Synthetic bone substitute / rigid FRIOS® ALGIPORE® DENTSPLY Implants GmbH

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Autogenous bone regeneration is the gold standard – all experts are in agreement. However, in some cases the patient?s bone volume may be insufficient and bone must be replaced atraumatically. This where FRIOS Algipore can be used. This high-porosity, vegetable-based hydroxyapatite is highly analogous to the hydroxyapatite of natural bone and is manufactured from lime-impregnated red marine algae. When mixed with the patient?s blood, it can be easily applied to small and large defects to form an effective framework for the stable formation of new bone. Autogenous bone chips can also be added if desired – this improves the healing process even more. The resorption characteristics of FRIOS Algipore are outstanding. The resorption is slow enough for the volume of the graft to remain the same at all times. Another advantage is the structure of FRIOS Algipore with its interconnected pores and the rough surface, which have been shown to promote the formation of new bone.
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